Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Randoms

I hate voicemail!!! Well, I like it but I usually sound like a babbling idiot when I leave a message.

Today I do not feel so great. I'm feeling very light headed, tired, and completely out of it. Makes working fun :) Frankly I feel like a zombie, which is the reason I have "Living Dead Girl" stuck in my head. My mind may not be functioning at the moment, but at least it picked a good song.

I made pizza last night and managed not to burn it on the BBQ (go me!). It was a great supper and will also make a good lunch.

As well I got rooked into finally getting back to a gym last night. It's a women's gym with a pretty good layout. And the advanced/free weights area seems very unused which is perfect for me. It was a good deal but I do feel bad since I wanted to join a gym with my boyfriend. But I am tired of waiting for him to decide (one week it's yes, the next it's no, then yes, then no.....). So I figured, most of this membership is going to be written off by work anyways, so I can get us the x30 passes for the community center as well and we can go together when he does finally have time.

Right, now I'm hungry. Time to warm up the pizza :)

Afterthought: Where did January go? Really, this year is just flying by.


Unknown said...

Ha ha Candice. I had the same problem with Derek saying he was going to join the gym with me or do kick boxing...you definately have to sign up for these things on your own or you never do as the men never make up there mine...and they say woman can't make up their minds.