Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Odd thought

I'm sitting at my computer. I'm cold (the computer is in the basement), tired, bored, it's very snowy and cold outside, and my boyfriend is still at work so I have no one to bug. I find it odd that my first thought is "I should go to the gym". So that is what I am doing. It has been awhile since I've gone. I opted out of using the gym at our resort and instead took many, many long walk along the beach in the shoreline. Which is exercise enough when the water rushing in tries to knock you over constantly :)

Friday, February 06, 2009

Odd feelings

At this moment I feel anxious, and my stomach is knotting up. I have no idea why. Overall I do not feel less of a zombie today than I did when I last posted. But all of a sudden I feel anxious. My best theory is that I have so much on my mind and so many things that I need to accomplish that, even though on the outside I feel in control and on track, a little part of me deep down inside is freaking out. Not only about the menial things I need to accomplish, but about me. My life decisions. Lately I've been greatly reconsidering my life. Where am I going, what am I doing, what do I want to do, where do I want to be, why can't I figure any of this out, did I make the right decision, can I change things, why am I so afraid..... and so on and so on.

Besides my inward freaking out and constant questioning, this weekend should be enjoyable. I've finally started going back to the gym and I am overjoyed. I actually love going to the gym. I thought it would take awhile for me to fall back into it, but after one session with the fitness instructor (I get three sessions at the start of the membership) I really just want to ditch her and dive right in. Almost two years ago I stopped going to the gym, started a desk job, and started dating a wonderful man who feeds me well. All this happened pretty much the same time and I am not afraid to admit that I have gained 30 pounds since the summer of 2007. So I am now pretty much the same if not heavier than I was in high school. I definitely do carry it better though than in high school, and manage to still look damn sexy doing so ;)

Alas, it is time to fit back into my little dresses and my skirts, how I miss them so. So tonight I have session 2 with the instructor and tomorrow morning when my man leaves for work I will go in for a solo session before I begin my ritual Saturday cleaning. On Sunday hopefully we can head over to Nellie's (no kitchen still so might as well go out :D ), then a long walk as the weather will be nice, and the Health Fair will be stuck into those plans at some point this weekend. Should be a very full and yet relaxed weekend :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Randoms

I hate voicemail!!! Well, I like it but I usually sound like a babbling idiot when I leave a message.

Today I do not feel so great. I'm feeling very light headed, tired, and completely out of it. Makes working fun :) Frankly I feel like a zombie, which is the reason I have "Living Dead Girl" stuck in my head. My mind may not be functioning at the moment, but at least it picked a good song.

I made pizza last night and managed not to burn it on the BBQ (go me!). It was a great supper and will also make a good lunch.

As well I got rooked into finally getting back to a gym last night. It's a women's gym with a pretty good layout. And the advanced/free weights area seems very unused which is perfect for me. It was a good deal but I do feel bad since I wanted to join a gym with my boyfriend. But I am tired of waiting for him to decide (one week it's yes, the next it's no, then yes, then no.....). So I figured, most of this membership is going to be written off by work anyways, so I can get us the x30 passes for the community center as well and we can go together when he does finally have time.

Right, now I'm hungry. Time to warm up the pizza :)

Afterthought: Where did January go? Really, this year is just flying by.